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​I Don't Know

This song is by Oh No! Oh My! and appears on the album People Problems (2011).

I don't know
If I could last forever
On this earth
That revolves around a sun that's lost
In a sea of deeper blackness
Sitting on
What the greatest minds have yet to grasp
And I'd like to talk about it
To you
But I don't know where I would start
When I don't know
When I saw smoke
Coming out of your ears I could cry
The hue of red your complexion takes is startling at first
If I could relieve you
Would not think twice
To lift the load that holds your hand
Into the mouth of madness
It's deep inside
But anything can happen to
You and me tonight
I want you by my side
I have the world
Inside the girl
Holding my hand
Isn't it grand
Each eye was blind
Deep in the sun
My mind is clear
When you are near
I was past the point of recognition
You were up high
High in the sky
It filled my mind
And it fit me right
I saw the birds
Flying round your skirt
I saw the answers
I saw the words