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This Inner Twist

This song is by Officium Triste and appears on the album Reason (2004).

All Dreams and Hopes are lost
Everything's shattered
I'd rather leave it all be
And move on to something better
'Cause it sickens me
It's all so unreal
Twisting inside of me

What will be better?
What am I to expect?
Fields of Fire
Or some peace of mind
Is this a decision
I'm going to regret
This inner twist
Messing with my head

All dreams and hopes are lost
Everything's shattered

What will be better?
What am I to ecpect?
Fields of Fire
Or a heavenly choir

This Inner Twist
It's getting Worse
Is there a reason to exist
Or am I cursed

All these questions
In my mind
No one can answer
No more smiles
No more laughter
As I sink
Into the depths
Of eternal misery.

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