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Shine Black Algiz

This song is by Of The Wand & The Moon and appears on the single Shine Black Algiz (2011).

Shine black algiz
My heart lies in the woods
Head buried in hands
Path gilded in fog
Shine black algiz
My name entwined in one
Roots dug deep in the snow
And arms reaching for the sun
Let this be a charm
Black wreathe of faith
Shall I pour out my heart
Shall I fall upon your sword
Shine black algiz
This world loves a coward
Love smothered in emptiness
And will still born
Shine black algiz
If this should be the end
Let it shine with clarity
And loneliness divine
Let this be my will
Black wreathe of thorn
I will never pour out my heart
I would fall upon your sword

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