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Nighttime Nightrhymes (1999)Edit

Of The Wand & The Moon - Nighttime Nightrhymes

Nighttime Nightrhymes

  1. Gandr
  2. I Crave For You
  3. Lion Serpent You
  4. Sól Ek Sá
  5. In The Colours Of Night
  6. The Substance Of Simplicity
  7. Raven Chant
  8. She With Whom Compar'd The Alpes Are Vallies
  9. VargQld
  10. Wintry Mantle
  11. Nighttime Nightrhymes
  12. Mauna

Emptiness (2001)Edit

Of The Wand & The Moon - Emptiness


  1. Lost In Emptiness
  2. My Devotion Will Never Fade
  3. In A Robe Of Fire
  4. Algir Naudir Wunjo
  5. Silver Rain
  6. Gal Anda
  7. Heres To Misery (A Toast)
  8. Can I Erase The Demon?
  9. Reficul

Lucifer (2003)Edit

Of The Wand & The Moon - Lucifer


  1. Lucifer
  2. Nær Skóg Nær Fjöllum
  3. Megin Runar
  4. Followe Thy Faire Sunne Unhappy Shaddowe
  5. Time Time Time
  6. Let It Be Ever Thus
  7. Reficul II
  8. Lucifer

Sonnenheim (2005)Edit

Of The Wand & The Moon - Sonnenheim


  1. Black Moth
  2. Nithtime In Sonnenheim
  3. Summer Solstice
  4. Honour
  5. My Black Faith
  6. Wonderful Wonderful Sun
  7. Hollow Upon Hollow
  8. Camouflage
  9. Lieblos Hin Zur Dunkelheit
  10. Hail Hail Hail II
  11. Here's An Ode
  12. I Shall Feast
  13. Like Wolves
  14. Winter Solstice

Shine Black Algiz (2011)Edit

Of The Wand & The Moon - Shine Black Algiz

Shine Black Algiz

  1. Shine Black Algiz
  2. Hold My Hand

The Lone Descent (2011)Edit

The lone descent

The Lone Descent

  1. Sunspot
  2. Absence
  3. A Pyre of Black Sunflowers
  4. Tear it Apart
  5. We Are Dust
  6. A Tomb of Seasoned Dye
  7. Is it Out of Our Hands
  8. Watch the Skyline Catch Fire
  9. The Lone Descent
  10. Immer Vorwärts
  11. A Song for Deaf Ears in Empty Cathedrals

Other SongsEdit

  1. Can I Erase The Demon
  2. Here's To Misery (A Toast)
  3. Intro
  4. Nighttime In Sonnenheim
  5. Outro
  6. Sol Ek Sa
  7. VangOld

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  • Kim Larsen

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Of The Wand & The Moon is the creative live and recorded music works of Danish musician Kim Larsen and various guest contributors. After irreconcilable differences with his previous musical project, Saturnus, Larsen began writing music of a different vein, similar in style to his neofolk influences but very different than the doom metal he had previously created.

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