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Like Ashoka's Inferno Of Memory

This song is by of Montreal and appears on the album Aureate Gloom (2015).

Music stopped and I woke
I can laugh at myself if I get the joke
Somebody's paying attention and not coping well with all the concrete, ooh
He ruined you without a single intelligent word
Sometimes, you get the punishment somebody else deserved
But a man must have his conquest to keep his spirits high, and I...

And I...
And I heard you whimpering from behind the red curtain
I just rolled my eyes and went back to my book
I realize that if ever there was something alive in you
Something I could love, that thing must now be dead

I asked if I can come visit her in her living grave
The place where she and her circumstantial husband stay
To whisk her away or at least shake things up
But who am I to break up an unhappy home?

And you said you wanted to murder your rabid heart
Well you mustn't, it's a part of you that I love the best
You must keep it safe, let it stay wild, let it stay free
It's what makes you special, so much better than me

I sent you missives from the carriage
And you started killing our story before it could even begin
Mourning us almost keeps you alive
But in the wasteland of my memory, I know that you'll never survive

She recited O'Hara's "Having a Coke With You"
While my friends were at a bar outside of Lido
Smoking hash, talking anti-American trash

I want your [?] come silent like something you fear
I kissed you [?] on the South Street Seaport pier
She's the daughter of the owl, I'm the fox's brother
Why's it so hard for us to say nice things to each other?

I know she feels for me, I know she does what she can
But still I'm out of New York City given the other man
I don't wanna make things messy with someone I respect
It's an evil situation but I guess I deserve it
I guess it is comically correct

Oh no, oh my!
Oh no!, oh my!
Oh no!

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