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The Golden Vanity

This song is by Odetta and appears on the album Sings Folk Songs (1963).

There was a lofty ship
And she put out to see
And the name of that ship
Was The Golden Vanity
She sailed along the lonesome sea

She had not been out
For two weeks or three
When she was overtaken
By the Turkish Revelry
She sailed along the lonesome sea

Then up spoke our little cabin boy
Sayin' 'What will you give me?
If them I shall destroy?
If I seek them in the lonesome sea"

To the men I distrust
Our captain did reply
5000 pounds
And my daughter for a bride
If he sinks her in the lonesome sea

So the boy beat his breast
And down jumped him
And he swam 'til he came
To the Turkish Revelry
As she sailed along the lonesome sea

Well he had a little tool
That was made for the use
And he bored 9 holes
In her hull all at once
And he sank her in the lonesome sea

He swam back to his ship
And he beat upon the side
Cryin' "Captain pick me up!
For I'm weary in the tide!
For I'm sinkin' in the lonesome sea"

"I will not pick you up,"
The Captain then replied
"I'll shoot you, I'll drown you
I'll sink you in the tide.
Yes I'll sink you in the lonesome sea."

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