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Neopolitan (1991)Edit

Odds - Neopolitan
  1. King Of The Heap
  2. No Warning
  3. Are You Listening?
  4. Evolution Time
  5. Eternal Ecstasy
  6. Family Tree
  7. Wendy Under The Stars
  8. Truth Or Dare
  9. Love Is The Subject
  10. Trees
  11. Domesticated Blind
  12. Big White Wall
  13. P.S. Horsehead Nebula

Bedbugs (1993)Edit

Odds - Bedbugs
  1. Jack Hammer
  2. Sweetness & Love
  3. Car Crash Love
  4. Yes (Means It's Hard To Say No)
  5. It Falls Apart
  6. Heterosexual Man
  7. Do You Know?
  8. Love Of Minds
  9. The Best Things
  10. The Little Death
  11. What I Don't Want
  12. Fingerprints

Good Weird Feeling (1995)Edit

Good Weird Feeling
Good Weird Feeling
  1. Truth Untold
  2. Smokescreen (Come and Get Me)
  3. Radios of Heaven
  4. I Would Be Your Man
  5. Satisfied
  6. Break the Bed
  7. Oh Sorrow, Oh Shame
  8. Eat My Brain
  9. The Last Drink
  10. Anybody Else But Me
  11. Mercy to Go
  12. Leave It There
  13. We'll Talk

Nest (1996)Edit

  1. Someone Who's Cool
  2. Make You Mad
  3. Hurt Me
  4. Heard You Wrong
  5. Tears & Laughter
  6. Nothing Beautiful
  7. Say You Mean It Wondergirl
  8. Out Come Stars
  9. Night's Embrace
  10. Suppertime
  11. At Your Word

Other SongsEdit

  1. My Happy Place
  2. Write It In Lightning

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