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Visions Of The End

This song is by October 31 and appears on the EP Visions Of The End (1998).

Chained up tied down
And placed upon the rack
I see the end is coming on
Breathing down my neck
I sweat a million bullets
I feel the pain increase
Nowhere to run I wait to die
As no one hears my screams

Visions of the end!

Beaten, bruised and broken bones
I woke here in despair
A passing gang of worthless fools
Living without care
They didn't have the guts to face me
And fight me like a man
Outnumbered powers ten to one
I didn't stand a chance

Visions of the end!

I fought with all my heart and soul
But finally beat I fell
Yes, I'm the victim of foul play
But who will toll the bell
For from the grave I'm reaching out
To pull them down to hell.
Down to hell!
My life was lost without warning
But once again I will attack
As suddenly and unexpectedly
My predators they will die
Alone in the night

And as death eyes slowly stare out
The final sight that they will see
It's haunting one caught forever
The smiling face of only me.
It's only me

So let this be
The lesson for all to see
To let the living live
And leave the dead to me

Visions of the end!

Forever now and for all time
They will believe
Remembering the face
Of the dead that is me
And in the night
With pure delight I did kill
On all those who struck me down
I have revenge!

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