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​The Legend Of The Haunted Sea

This song is by October 31 and appears on the EP Visions Of The End (1998).

"Hey, have you heard the story
The one that the old ones tell
For in the sea they say lived a beast
A creature from hell..."

They say it grew from evil
A lasting sign of sin
At the blackened bottom of the sea
It's horrid life did end

They set their sights on evil
And prepared themselves for hell
The bravest souls were sent aboard
A massive ship of steel
In blood they signed the promise
That sealed their destiny
They went to battle search of sin
And praying victory
In the haunted sea...

For in the haunted sea
Lived more than tales and mystic dreams
There so much more than fear below
They did battle with the beast
There was more than
Just the eye of the storm
And in no time they all would see

Now listen...

They knew they'd found the demon
The time had come to strike
There was all of hell in search of them
Just beneath the watching sky
And the haunted sea...

They saw the sea turn fiery red
As it opened up and roared
And watched the ship they had sailed upon
Come ablaze crash and burn
In a moment's time the beast attacked
And leaped at them to kill
But they had come to fight to death
And destroy the sign of sin

So in the end it's good over evil
Watching sin die they've claimed destiny
Ever so brave with courage
And strength at their side
The sea is at peace and once again free, free!