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The Chosen One

This song is by October 31 and appears on the EP Visions Of The End (1998).

Scream out!
As the tension's building higher
No longer taking orders you create
A victim of humanity
Told to be serve but this won't be
Never to be silenced again

Seen not heard is the law of the land
But I've come forth with another plan
The time for changes is now!

Move on!
Away from ruling masses
I'll break down walls of justice
Without care
You can take what's yours
But mine is mine
It's not your way
But I'm doing fine
Living with my freedom once again

For I'm a non-believer
Disgusted by the world you disgrace
The tides have turned on you the deceiver
Your downfall's now truly in place

'Cause your rules won't bend
But I don't break
My will is hard as stone
Another day I just can't take
My rage is just too strong, too strong!

So open your eyes and see the light
Your reign is no longer
You've been denied
You've been pushed aside
For I will be there...

The chosen one!

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