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Servants And Slaves

This song is by October 31 and appears on the EP Visions Of The End (1998).

For it's power that controls us
It guides us to nowhere
It only leads us quicker to despair
We aren't so high and mighty
When walking that fine line

And wishing time would
Just stay still again
For in the book it's written
That all of us will fall
The weak shall die
Forever hear the call
Yes, when it's done we're nothing
We're just the passing time
As absolution never was too kind

And in the end when all is gone
And darkness rules the land
And all around there's emptiness and pain
That's where you'll find the servant ones
That's where you'll find the slaves
Our wasted lives now lying in our graves

Where there's sadness, there is failure
We must control our minds
And grasp ahold on what there is to find
In search for what is beyond
Once step ahead in time

A little more than does meet the eye
Now the wheels of life
They're always turning
And no they won't slow down
You're living on in search of something
In life there should be more.
So much more

As I look in your eyes
Just what do I see
There's nothing inside but forgiveness
You're slowing down now
You're fading away
For miserable life's never free

Your sadness is shown through
The tears in your eyes
You're losing the chance you were given
A servant to life and a slave to your soul
You're just a pawn to the living
We are all just servants and slaves...

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