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​Defend Your Soil

This song is by October 15 and appears on the album Gdy Łączyła Nas Walka (2008).

Another day, I can see your face
When you are going down on the street
Nobody knows who you are
Your face is so strange
You look like and old enemy
From unknown sides, from unknown land
Maybe you are terrorist and you hate my proudly blood
Get out, from my land

Get out from our land
Your bomb can't stop us
We will always stand strong
For our eternal pride
That's the white white man's soil now and forever
Leave this country, and never come back here

We will always stay here - in our country
With our families and faith
Nothing can smash our aryan hearts
You have got not enough power
You have no chance so take your hands away from this soil
Thjere is no places for alien blood
We will defend our land for Polish families, for Polish blood
Get out, from my land