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You Wish

This song is by Oceansize and appears on the EP Relapse (2002) and on the album Effloresce (2003).

Comfort driving overburdened
She's still striving to hold together
And motivate and de-pressurize

Compelled to run
Foot to the floor
In all of my memories
You were always running away

So cold and proud, so unashamed
You were always running away

Just inches from dripfeeding, "don't you worry
I don't have it in me to ever leave you"

Takes this and swallow it down whole
And stop this heady mumbling and talk right
You're always saying "save me I'm a danger to myself"

Who's driving us through this you deserve better
Drinking becoming someone else someone who's all will come to naught and vanish
You're not trying
Can't save you, you're a danger to yourself

Like you care you just wish for an exit
Perfectionist you falter
All guts no mind to alter

Get up and make it work

We'll search the sky for answers

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