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Trail Of Fire

This song is by Oceansize and appears on the album Frames (2007).

I ran a trail of fire
Through the meadow paths
Guided by the river banks
And trees from which
They'll have me hang

Keep running away from the fire
Keep running away from the light
Till it's gone

Are all our summers
At one with the ground?
And everything I loved you for
A trail of fire from the door
That leads me to a hiding place
And locking me inside

How loud this blade of grass
How long till eventide?
The dark that shroud
Your loving neighbor

He's the one who lit the paper
While the reason's unexpressed
And the sources undetermined
The innocent are voiceless

The voiceless are innocent
Should I cut the middleman?
Just dig a hole and throw me in
Say a prayer to my loving savior
He's the one who lit the paper

From them I strip the title
Extinguished and misuse
And all our engraved memories
Are unsuccessful remedies
I'm sick of papering the cracks
And extinguishing the fire tracks

Though flawed by design
I'm torn from the strife
That did pile at the door
But is feared no more

Though I once wedded her
And her want was to play
As another's arms held
Took her wanting away

Questions on top of questions
Don't think that
It is too late for me

Unsung, untied, unalive

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