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Effloresce (2003)Edit

Oceansize - Effloresce
  1. I Am The Morning (instrumental)
  2. Catalyst
  3. One Day All This Could Be Yours
  4. Massive Bereavement
  5. Rinsed (instrumental)
  6. You Wish
  7. Remember Where You Are
  8. Amputee
  9. Unravel (instrumental)
  10. Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs
  11. Saturday Morning Breakfast Show
  12. Long Forgotten

Music For Nurses EP (2004)Edit

Oceansize - Music For Nurses
Music for Nurses
  1. One out of nONE
  2. Paper Champion
  3. Drag the 'Nal (instrumental)
  4. Dead Dogs an' All Sorts
  5. As The Smoke Clears

Everyone Into Position (2005)Edit

Oceansize - Everyone Into Position
Everyone Into Position
  1. The Charm Offensive
  2. Heaven Alive
  3. A Homage To a Shame
  4. Meredith
  5. Music For a Nurse
  6. New Pin
  7. No Tomorrow
  8. Mine Host
  9. You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down
  10. Ornament/The Last Wrongs

Frames (2007)Edit

Oceansize - Frames
  1. Commemorative 9/11 T-Shirt
  2. Unfamiliar
  3. Trail of Fire
  4. Savant
  5. Only Twin
  6. An Old Friend of the Christy's (instrumental)
  7. Sleeping Dogs and Dead Lions
  8. The Frame
  9. Voorhees (bonus track)

Home & Minor (2009)Edit

Oceansize - Home & Minor
Home & Minor
  1. Legal Teens
  2. Getting Where Water Cannot
  3. Monodrones (instrumental)
  4. Home & Minor
  5. Didnaeland (instrumental)
  6. The Strand

Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up (2010)Edit

Oceansize - Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up
Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up
  1. Part Cardiac
  2. SuperImposer
  3. Build Us A Rocket Then...
  4. Oscar Acceptance Speech
  5. Ransoms
  6. A Penny's Weight
  7. Silent / Transparent
  8. It's My Tail And I'll Chase It If I Want To
  9. Pine
  10. SuperImposter
  11. Cloak (bonus track)

Other SongsEdit

  1. As The Smoke Clears (New Interpretation)
  2. Breed Siamese
  3. Commemorative T-Shirt
  4. Heaven Alive (EP Version)
  5. Red Rag to a Bear
  6. Relapse
  7. Siberian Bullshit
  8. sizeofanocean
  9. Superfluous to Requirements

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