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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Something's Got To Give by Matt Pless
  2. Come On, Come On, Come On by Jackson Browne
  3. Occupation Freedom by George Martinez & The Global Block Collective
  4. People Have The Power (Live In Marseille) by Patti Smith
  5. Love Anthem (Only Love) by My Pet Dragon
  6. The Panic Is On by Loudon Wainwright III
  7. Occulture by Cosmonaut
  8. Save Us by Paper Cranes featuring Rain Phoenix
  9. Smile (Get Up and Sing) by Jay Samel
  10. This Is What America Looks Like by Tenderflex (featuring Dynasty Electric, Ayler Young and Jay Rodriguez)
  11. Big Little Wolfs by Aeroplane Pageant
  12. Agent 99 by Alex Emanuel
  13. Safety In Numbers by Deborah Harry
  14. Hey, Can I Sleep On Your Futon? by Richard Barone
  15. Occupy Wall Street "Here Here Here" by Black Dragon
  16. White Gold by Ladytron
  17. Greed by Gabriel Aldort
  18. Against The Machine by Taj Weekes & Adowa
  19. The Young Idealists by Lloyd Cole
  20. A Peaceful Solution by Willie Nelson
Disc 2
  1. The Times They Are A-Changin' by Michael Moore
  2. The World Is On Fire by Ace Reporter
  3. Latter Days by The Middle Eight
  4. Turn The Lights On by Chroma
  5. Which Side Are You On? by Ani Difranco
  6. Well May The World Go by Tao Rodriguez-Seeger
  7. Unified Tribes by Thievery Corporation
  8. Robber Barons by Thee Oh Sees
  9. Saving Up To Go Bankrupt by Mike Rimbaud
  10. Hell No (I'm Not Alright) by Nanci Griffith
  11. We Stand As One by Joseph Arthur
  12. Cash Machine by Girls Against Boys
  13. Rebellion Politik by Junkyard Empire
  14. Nothing Recedes Like Progress by Anti-Flag
  15. Rebel by Fear Nuttin Band
  16. Under The Bridge by Jill Sobule with John Doe
  17. Take A Stand by Stephan Said
  18. The Answer by Unkle
  19. World Wide Rebel Songs by Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman
  20. If There Ever Was A Time by Third Eye Blind
Disc 3
  1. Move On Fast by Yoko Ono
  2. If We Live by Build The Sun
  3. Fight The Good Fight by Our Lady Peace
  4. I Don't Need Money by Julie B Bonnie
  5. The World Is Turning by Toots & The Maytals
  6. A New York Minute by Nickodemus (featuring The Real Live Show, Sadat X, ILLspokinN and Rabbi Darkside)
  7. I Ain't No Brian Wilson by Gentleman Brawlers
  8. Industrial Park by The Mammals featuring Pete Seeger
  9. Big Fish by Yo La Tengo & The Lost City Rumblers
  10. Occu-Pie by Harry Hayward
  11. Free by Mystic Bowie
  12. Oye Mi Voz by Los Cintron
  13. Walk On by Carolyn Wonderland
  14. Coney Island Winter by Garland Jeffreys
  15. China Basin Digs by Joel Rafael and John Trudell
  16. Walkin' by The Pimps of Joytime featuring Roy Ayers
  17. River's Gonna Rise by Warren Haynes Band
  18. Rich Man's World by Immortal Technique
  19. Staying Out and Calling In by Danger Field
Disc 4
  1. We Can't Make It Here by James McMurtry with Joan Baez & Steve Earle
  2. We Are by New Party Systems (featuring Kyp Malone)
  3. Revolution by The Nova Echo
  4. Number One by Born I Music
  5. Play The Greed by Dar Williams
  6. Broke Heart Blues by Ronny Elliot
  7. What Are Their Names by David Crosby and Graham Nash
  8. Make A Stand by Dylan Chambers with Lester Chambers
  9. Better Luck Next Time by Jennie Arnau
  10. All Over The World by Arlo Guthrie & Family
  11. We're The 99 by Lauren Diamond featuring Liz O'Donnell
  12. We Are Human by Mike + Ruthy
  13. Blessed by Lucinda Williams
  14. Freedom Of Speech by Kanaska Carter
  15. Reclaim by Rejectionist Front
  16. Occupy (We The 99) by Jasiri X
  17. Earth Division by Mogwai
  18. Pulse by Occupy Wall Street Drummers
  19. The Times They Are A-Changin' (Skiffle Version) by Michael Moore
Disc 5 (Digital release only)
  1. Chasing The Sun by Andrew Vladeck
  2. Livin' Like A Joker by Greg Smith and The Broken English
  3. Rise by Aliza Hava
  4. Crashed IT, Stashed IT by The Occubilly Bros.
  5. Invisible People by Chris Pierce
  6. Ukulele Anthem by Amanda Palmer
  7. Tree Of Life by Nadirah Shakoor
  8. On My Wall by Hanne Hukkelberg
  9. Little Pieces of White by Jason White
  10. Never Be Defeated by MF Madness
  11. Greedy Life by Renegade Creation
  12. 99% by Jesse Lenat
  13. On The Dole by The Swedes
  14. Brazillia by Bill Mlotok
  15. Don't Taser Me, Bro! by Marcus Blake
  16. We Are The 99 by Angels Of Vice
  17. Silence by The Layaways
  18. Mother Feather by Mother Feather
  19. Common Man by Thorin Caristo
  20. Everyday by Machan
  21. Crashing Down by Vannucci (featuring Robert Brentley)
  22. Occupie by David Amram

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