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The Nazarene Whore

This song is by Occult and appears on the album Prepare To Meet Thy Doom (1994).

Bleed for me... Whore of Nazarene, die for me,
When the temple closes, blasphemy, we... are spawn of evil, burn for me, weak Christians of heavens, yell for me, bitch of Nazarene, suck for me, when my dick is rising! Bow for me, for an eternity, spread your legs, when the circle closes, blasphemy, we are spawn of darkness, burn for me weak followers of Jesus.
She, she will open her mouth, now, she must swallow my dick, I, I will cum on her, at last she must taste the sperm, she, she will spread her legs, I, I will enter her cave, now, she must yell for me, at last, she must die for all of us!

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