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​Downfall Of Deity

This song is by Occult and appears on the album Of Flesh And Blood (1999).

How foolish can a man be
To let another tell him what he sees
To let another tell him what is real
It's no big secret what I reveal

What causes light up in the sky
That big yellow thing shining high
It's God sending me on a mission
Of course it's no atomic fusion

What make the thunder in the sky
It just happens, I wonder why
What is the cause of this
I see it's make by a god, it must be

Searching for an answer to life's mysteries
The human curiosity demanding explanation
Look at the events in ancient histories
And think for yourself without degradation
Without using the ease as used before
To credit it's existence to a deity
You'll see new facts and you can't ignore
That simple science can explain it to you and me

It's so complex, so you tell me
How the hell this happened by itself
I cannot understand this mystery
A higher hand controlled this you'll see

You're the idiot if you believe it all
God made everything even the mini-mall
Go take your science somewhere else to see
All those facts, you'll get nowhere with me

I have this thing I can't explain
I must have an answer or I'll go insane
What is the cause of this I see
It's made by God, it must be

My god is real I tell you in your face
Now go off or I'll spray you with mace
You can't make a fool out of me
I read his scriptures I know what I see

I'm not impressed when your logic holds up
Even though I'm too dumb to fill a cup
I know that there's something there
I'm so sure my God is out there

You tell me lies I don't want to hear
The explanation you gave can't be that near
It's too complex even for you to see
If I don't get it, why should thee

You show me proof I don't wish to see
Try to take my god away from me
But when He'd be gone I'm all alone
And I'd have to think...
On my own