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This song is by Obsidian and appears on the album Niederkunft Des Chaos (1999).

Nightspawned we are, sheltered we grew...
...Forgotten profane race, born from blasphemous blood,
Carrying the source of blackness within abyssic eyes!
In our hearts breeds rage, struggling to be unleashed!

Hate, forget into our blades!
Hate, forget into our shields!
Hate, shall be our blazon
We hold against the heavens!

The blackness of which we are,
Fears not the flames of light.
Our skin of glass so cold and bleak,
Bears the crown of night.

We are the obsidian - the scent of blood is our bliss!
We are the obsidian - from oblivion to obliterate!
We are the obsidian - and the musk of slaughter is our salvation!

Behold the race of profane supremacy...
The gloss of purest blackness!
We are the OBSIDIAN!

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