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Beyond All Worlds

This song is by Obsidian and appears on the album Niederkunft Des Chaos (1999).

There is a cold silence in me
Weeping inside, beneath my flesh...
A meaningless movement shakes my body
Shivering in fear.

A virus that tears me from the inside,
That calms down my restless soul,
Devouring all my light.
The constance of my existence
Is touched by the unlight.

Another world is what my eyes discover,
Forms that no man can describe...
Seas so sad, a man could die...
Waters, black and deep...
Lone and dead... lone and dead...

Roaming the spaces, empty and cold...

Life itself could never bear these pains,
Hidden in its darkest seas,
Where hatred forms the waves,
Where grief calms the waters,
And tears are the rain,
That lets the oceans rise.

With eyes wide opened
I gaze into the shapeless darkness
As my eyes begin to weep a salty liquid
But if its crimson or clear
Only a mirror could tell...
Something forbid me to see
But swallowed my reality!

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