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The Uttermost Descent

This song is by Obscure Infinity and appears on the album Perpetual Descending into Nothingness (2015).

A white promise
To flee into eternity
But it's the period
Of a blink of an eye

Within the liquid heaven floating,
Guidless like a lost ship
That was lost in the storm

It's lacerating me
This undefined emotion
Electric war is raging
The struggle - my devotion

The final neglect
Of self-preservation
Lost in darkest hours
The total devastation

Doldrums giving sweet caress
So pure and innocent
Behold this pitch-black wasteland
The uttermost descent

The sorrow-stem took root
Blooming in this dismal haze
Aliment of deep grief
Annihilates my trace

Hovering eternally
Between bursting stars
Affording my eversleep
Within great quasar

The white promise is broken
In liquid heaven drowning
I am the one betrayed
In times that are so rousing

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