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​Sorcery of the Black Souls

This song is by Obscure Infinity and appears on the album Perpetual Descending into Nothingness (2015).

You have been the murderer
That refused to submit
By your strength and deeper knowledge
Of mankind got rid

Through the ways of self-destruction
And denial of all weak
Left behind the boundaries
And borders of the creed

The archetype of blasphemy
Bloodline of laval
Now you gleam in heresy
The grand man's sudden fall

Born of aristocratic blood
Animal of men
Granting joyless pleasures
And never ending pain

A.A. the silver star
Do what thou wilt
Shall be
The whole of the law

Thus spoke thou burning tongue
'Bout moral and it's deeds
Good and evil, rise and fall
And hammer's philosophies

Sorcery of black souls
Grant me all your might
Sorcery of black souls
I shall see without my sight