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​Expiration of the Lost

This song is by Obscure Infinity and appears on the album Perpetual Descending into Nothingness (2015).

Now see my wintry child
Blue skies turning somber
Pale blue light is fading
And tears the world asunder

A thirsty mouth
Lusting for the kiss of life
In infirmity the well runs dry
Runs dry in human waste

A geriatric hand
Longing for the loaf
By the touch of avaricious one
Becoming slowly ought

An aged and tired will of life
Waiting for the words
That change the meaning of it all
Bone crushing silence hurts

Perceiving a weird destiny
As stardusts great mistake
We walk into oblivion
A life that I forsake

Coming from and turn to blank
Nothing ever was
Returning to an astral brick
I unfold to times cruel claws

Expiration of the lost