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​Beyond Spheres and Time

This song is by Obscure Infinity and appears on the album Perpetual Descending into Nothingness (2015).

In this vast emptiness
My voice echoes - meaningless
Slaughtering my fate
Feasting on pure hate
Beyond the surface of agony
I find myself bleeding in ecstasy

Pure feeling - sacrifice supreme
Elevated wound - a painless scream

Far away from sensual delight
The inner-self shines oh so bright
The withering sky is leading my way
Into my kingdom and to your decay

No more I have to tempt my fate
The noble work of noble blade
Unfold your magic on my skin
I may drown in endless sin

Liberated I walk
As life I decline
Liberated I find
The true heart of mine

Levitation - beyond the known
Evisceration - of mortal life

Through the fire I walked
I witnessed the plague
Through the fire I walked
And witnessed false fate
The bridges behind me... burned
I find... peace