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​Ship Of Fools On Its Way To Timelessness

This song is by Oblomov and appears on the album Communitas (Deconstructing the Order) (2009).

Step over the threshold
Get on board the ship of fools
The jester is our leader
We are searching for... the forbidden fruit

Pariahs of society with a secret knowledge
Blow mighty wind, blow mighty wind, hoist our sails
Take us in your melancholy, in your velvet veils

They were moving themselves
Like a cosmic ship in space
...Were lost but happy
Like a floating timber in the raging waves
The ones who had fallen
Arisen from the border, zone the haze
Abandoned, still happy, enjoying the moment
The magical moment, the time of grace

Comedy and farce
Irony and scarces
Gallery of the grotesque

Comedy and farce
Lurking and seclusion
Irony and scarces
Burlesque arcane illusion