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Welcome to Detroit City

This song is by Obie Trice.

Get anybody on your roster who could freak with Ray
Obie Trice you a busta I don't think you wanna play
(Echoes whilst obie is talking)

Ur hurtin' urself person
Its bad, its bad for you
Elementary school is out!
It's what the freak I'm talking about man!
Detroit city my person
Lets go!

I ain't even got a fucking album out
And niggas speaking my name! (aha!)
(Welcome to detroit city! welcome to detroit city yeah!)
(Its mitton nigga, real niggas)
You go walk the streets back and you go on and have marshall
(These ridas nigga)
(Welcome to detroit city! welcome to detroit city yeah!)
Holla at me! come holler at me!

Bitch I'm a detroit hustler (yeah!)
Push whips without the muffler
Loud nasty foul never flashy (fuck that)
I'm meet your sister she gonna come home changed (HA!)
I bring the freak outta that bitch
Hi, whole things if my brains aggitated (uh huh)
You, no more pain your souls graduated (oh)
I keep pistols not 'cause rap made it an issue
This has been official since middle school (that's right)
You approach me wrong I'm out living you (uh huh)
I'm from detroit where niggas is not feeling you (that's cool)
Slugs drilling you rigga morris is building you up
Pugs giving it to you
Mum is ups in arms (oh!)
Murder mitton, niggas is not getting this scenes
They don't believe - misconcieved
Until his blood bleeds
Past tense, back then niggas had some sense
Your skills not equal
I got your busta tucked right by my nuts bruv (aha!)
I know these record sales got you in a clutch
But! why come fuck with us?
And this is shady (shady!)
This is the lable that made a nigga able
To finally stabalise loot a nigga makes
(Talk to 'em muthafucka!)
What's strange to me
Benzino been in the game
And knows that he came
But he ain't got no more fame then me
That WOW!
Blame it on the white boy
Nigga that's your style
Spoke on a nigga and spoke that bullshit
That another nigga wont
O's no joke that bullshit (whow)
Hoes no potes hoes no fashion
I see booty and its pointing right at it (yeah!)
With rap it ain't happenin' fablem farth
Still to journalism that's your art
And apart from responding
I know the source will tell them
Don't cop him (uh huh)
Obie trice's albums not popping (huuuuh)
But that's what happens when your dealing
With gays (uhuuuuuh)
They flip scripts bitch shit just to get paid (paid) (oh!)
You'z a broad
Bosten even noticed it's too late in the
Game to pull a black and white card
You's the busta
Detroit don't love ya
You'll end up so-so muthafuckas
You know?
See a nigga in porterico
He shake my hand like 'obie I got ya'
'I got ya'
(Welcome to detroit city! welcome to detroit city yeah!)

Nigga you a busta
(Welcome to detroit city! welcome to detroit city yeah!)
See me when I land all over you motherfuckas!

Bring you wolves haha
Me and you! mono e mono
I crush you with the 40ouncer bottle nigga
Ain't ready for that shit nigga
Real over here nigga
Fuck y'all haters nigga
Get money to all my real niggas
That's what I'm talking about

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