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​The Rhythm Of The Universe

This song is by O Terço and appears on the album Time Travelers (1992) and on the live album Live At Palace (1994).

So many colors,
Too many flying birds,
Far aways from home
Close to the fallen tree.
Now we're sitting here,
Talking 'bout the hope
That's beating in our hearts,
Flowing in our souls.
In the rhythm of the universe,
In the...
Waiting for the moments
We've been playing "hide and seek",
Need to be alone, now,
The final truth is here,
Inspirations, reputations,
Easily come and go,
Forget to find excuses
For love is all we know.
In the rhythm of the universe,
In the...
So many times we think we're right,
But after all we're all insane.
We've been dancing
We've been singing
We've been standing beyond reality.