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This song is by O Pioneers!!! and appears on the album Neon Creeps (2009).

Let's pretend, that we are friends,
Just like we were back in high school.
You can send me messages,
That I'm sure that I can relate to,
Just like in high school.
Every other week, you can call me.
Call me on the telephone.
We can talk about our misadventures, and our breakthroughs.
Just like in high school.
See I'm older now, and I don't give a damn,
If I ever talk to you again.
I don't want to regress to,
That stupid piece of shit I was back in high school.
So please leave me be, stop calling me on the telephone.
Asking me how I've been or what I've been up to.
I don't want to know how you've been, or what you've been up to.
And if I told you I was doing fine, would you believe it, I wouldn't.
Just like in high school.
See I'm older now, moving up, moving out.
See I'm older now.