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​She's That Kind

This song is by O.B. McClinton and appears on the album Obie From Senatobie (1973).

She can take the morning rain falling on my window pane
And turn it into sunshine in my mind
She can take the darkest night
And brighten it with love's sweet light
And I'm just satisfied just knowing she's that kind

I can feel so down and out but she knows what it's all about
And she can help me leave it all behind
There's something in the way she smiles
That just brightens up all my trials
It's good to know my woman is that kind

She's that kind and I'm thankful to the Lord above
For sending me that kind of woman for me to love
If I could live another life
And I could choose me another wife
I wouldn't change a thing, Lord she's that kind

She's that kind and I'm thankful...