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Obie From Sanatobie

This song is by O.B. McClinton and appears on the album Obie From Senatobie (1973).

When I got drafted into the military service
I noticed them boys from Mississippi sure was nervous
When it was time to march and everybody'd fall in line
You could hear the old sarge holler "Roll call time"

He said when I call your name son, you give me your hometown
That's when all of them stories would float around
One from Mississippi you could bet he'd call 'em Iffy
Now everybody knew that was in Tennessee

But old sarge really got quite a shock
When that roll call got around to me
This is what I said

You can just call me Obie from Sanatobie
And you'd better believe that's a Mississippi town
We still eat watermelon at the Cake County gin house
And we drink home brew when the sun goes down

Now all the fellas turned to me and they started to stare
But I just kept right on talking with my head in the air
Then somebody said boy you're going to have to hide your face
Now don't you know you should have told him
Some important place

And I looked at him and I said
Buddy you can call me Obie from Sanatobie
And you can tell anybody that you might see
My mama gave birth to me in Sanatoria
And it's the most important place on earth to me

You can just call me Obie from Sanatobie...

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