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I Want You In The Morning

This song is by O.B. McClinton and appears on the album Obie From Senatobie (1973).

I woke up late this morning, that old sun was high above
I was glad to find you sleeping in my hands
Drowsy morning after a night of making love
I felt peaceful in my soul and it was warm
You look just like a baby
And a little wisp of hair had fallen down your forehead across your cheek
I said this is my woman, it was just too much to bear
And a sudden urge to kiss you left me weak

I want you in the morning, I need you in the morning
Even more than I need you at night
My darlin' your embraces
So tender it erases the fear that's in my heart
And help me start the new day right

That old clock went of at 7:00 and the kids began to cry
Then we were jolted by the ringing of the phone
As usual it was mama all about her arthritis
The world was closing in but we were still alone
You yawn, stretch and grumble and slowly turn to me
You can see the question there within my eyes
We reach out for each other
And we traded this old world for 15 minutes more of paradise

I want you in the morning...

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