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The Nylons (1982)Edit

The Nylons - The Nylons
The Nylons
  1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  2. Love Potion #9 / Spooky
  3. A Million Ways
  4. Somethin' 'Bout 'Cha
  5. Duke Of Earl
  6. Rock & Roll Lullaby
  7. Find The One I Love
  8. Some People
  9. Up On The Roof
  10. Me And The Boys

One Size Fits All (1982)Edit

The Nylons - One Size Fits All
One Size Fits All
  1. That Kind Of Man
  2. Silhouettes
  3. Town Without Pity
  4. Prince Of Darkness
  5. Romance (If I Can Get It)
  6. Bumble Boogie
  7. Up The Ladder To The Roof
  8. Heavenly Bodies
  9. Bop 'Til You Drop
  10. Please
  11. So Long
  12. Prince Of Darkness (12" mix)

Seamless (1984)Edit

The Nylons - Seamless
  1. Oo Wee, Oh Me, Oh My
  2. Take Me To Your Heart
  3. Remember (Walking In The Sand)
  4. This Boy
  5. Stepping Stone
  6. Combat Zone
  7. Perpetual Emotion
  8. Samba Samba
  9. The Stars Are Ours

Happy Together (1987)Edit

The Nylons - Happy Together
Happy Together
  1. Happy Together
  2. Dance Of Love
  3. It's What They Call Magic
  4. Chain Gang
  5. This Island Earth
  6. Face In The Crowd
  7. Grown Man Cry
  8. Crazy In Love (Morning Comes Early)
  9. A Touch Of Your Hand
  10. Kiss Him Goodbye

Rockapella (1989)Edit

The Nylons - Rockapella
  1. Love This Is Love
  2. Drift Away
  3. Wildfire
  4. Another Night Like This
  5. No Stone Unturned
  6. Count My Blessings
  7. (All I Have To Do Is) Dream
  8. Poison Ivy
  9. Busy Tonight
  10. Rise Up

Four On The Floor (1991)Edit

The Nylons - Four on the Floor
Four on the Floor
  1. Good Old A Cappella
  2. (All I Have To Do Is) Dream
  3. Wildfire
  4. Up On The Roof
  5. Chain Gang
  6. Heavenly Bodies
  7. (I Love It When You) Call My Name
  8. It's Lonely At The Top
  9. One Fine Day
  10. Drift Away
  11. Eli's Coming
  12. Amazon
  13. Kiss Him Goodbye

Live To Love (1992)Edit

The Nylons - Live to Love
Live to Love
  1. Don't Look Any Further
  2. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
  3. What Is It Worth?
  4. Secret Part Of Me
  5. Baked Potato
  6. Fastback Prelude
  7. Little Red Corvette
  8. You're The One I Turn To
  9. What Can You Do For Me?
  10. Groovy Thing
  11. Blue Radio

Because (1994)Edit

The Nylons - Because
  1. Time Of The Season
  2. Because
  3. Love T.K.O.
  4. Sign Your Name
  5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  6. Hey Girl
  7. Sexual Healing
  8. No Pain No Gain
  9. Too Much Heaven
  10. Caught
  11. A Change Is Gonna Come
  12. Just When I Needed You

Harmony: The Christmas Songs (1994)Edit

The Nylons - Harmony - the Christmas Songs
Harmony - the Christmas Songs
  1. Carol Of The Bells
  2. O Holy Night
  3. Silent Night
  4. The Christmas Song
  5. The Little Drummer Boy
  6. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  7. What Child Is This
  8. The First Noel
  9. What Does Christmas Mean To Me
  10. The Secret Of Christmas
  11. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Run For Cover (1996)Edit

The Nylons - Run for Cover
Run for Cover
  1. Lady Madonna
  2. Once Was A Time I Thought / No Moon At All
  3. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In Her Kiss)
  4. God Only Knows
  5. Lovers Never Say Goodbye
  6. Stranded In The Jungle
  7. The Girl Can't Help It
  8. My Cherie Amour
  9. Smalltown Boy
  10. Maybe
  11. Human Family

Fabric Of Life (1997)Edit

The Nylons - Fabric of Life
Fabric of Life
  1. Ruby Baby
  2. Ain't No Sunshine
  3. I Can't Go For That
  4. Nobody Knows
  5. Comfort & Joy - Pt. 1
  6. Let It Be
  7. Monkey
  8. Go With It
  9. Comfort & Joy - Pt. 2
  10. Back On Track
  11. Ai No Corrida
  12. Consider

A Wish For You (1999)Edit

The Nylons - A Wish for You
A Wish for You
  1. Celebration
  2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  3. A Wish For You
  4. Hold On To The Feeling
  5. Away In A Manger
  6. Make It Easy
  7. Love Peace Harmony (A Letter To Santa)
  8. Angels We Have Heard On High
  9. Huron Christmas Carol

Lost And Found (1999)Edit

The Nylons - Lost and Found
Lost and Found
  1. If You Don't Know Me By Now
  2. Number One
  3. Comfort And Joy
  4. You're Moving Out Today
  5. The Human Family
  6. Prince Of Darkness
  7. Kiss Him Goodbye
  8. We Have Your Daughter
  9. Scandalize My Name
  10. Bang! You're Dead
  11. Kiss Him Goodbye
  12. Grown Man Cry
  13. Monkey
  14. Fire

Play On (2002)Edit

The Nylons - Play On
Play On
  1. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  2. Play
  3. This Is It
  4. Feel Like Making Love
  5. Loving You
  6. Good Enough
  7. Only One
  8. Wrong And Right
  9. Could've Been You
  10. Hey There
  11. Late In The Evening
  12. One More Lonely Night

Additional information

Years active:


Band members:
  • Claude Morrison - tenor
  • Garth Mosbaugh - tenor/baritone
  • Gavin Hope - baritone/tenor/bass
  • Tyrone Gabriel - bass/baritone
Former members:
  • Arnold Robinson
  • Billy Newton Davis
  • Marc Connors
  • Paul Cooper
Record labels:

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