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Choked at the Roots

This song is by Nux Vomica and appears on the album Nux Vomica (2014).

Seeds were planted long ago - mistrust
Our natural instincts choked at the roots
Love, sharing, compassion - we lost
Overgrown by fear, greed and envy

So while we learned to cultivate and sow
We also learned to fight and kill
And the blood began to flow
Unchecked desires for power and control
Became the dominant forces in our world

We know what's right or wrong
Without having to stop and think
And we know when we've done wrong
If we listen to our instincts

Yet we tear apart what's good
And dissect with prejudice
So many positive things

Distracted by the noise, we spend our time collecting toys
Instinct becomes skewed, atrophied from lack of use
The deadening of instinct creates creatures emotionally weak

We are spinning out of control
We've got our life support in a chokehold
Soon the time will come
That we face up to what we've done

Disconnected from our normal state
We let the tension turn to hate
Beaten down by all the stress
We can't afford true happiness
Smart enough to see the truth
But out of touch with primal roots
Taught to see a certain way
And to ignore what we can't see

Now the time has come
That we face up to what we've done
The final war that won't be won
Will be waged without a gun
Without a gun
It won't be god
It will be us

Now we see a world society
Dominated by poisoned thinking
The signs are all around us that most people don't want this
But it's accepted that's the way things are

And no one is normal in this environment
And no one is healthy with this mental bombardment
And so we're destroying ourselves

When the judgement comes
It won't be god, it will be us
Reflected in a pool of oily blood

A murky, shadowy, fractured image
Of what we know
We could be


Written by:

Ben "Boogie Boogs"

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