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This song is by Nunslaughter and appears on the album Angelic Dread (2014).

There was a site sicker than sin and vile in every way
Behind its walls the sodomites were free to stalk and prey
Amid the rampant lechery in the land that God condemned
Lived and man of decency who was not one of them

Violent copulation
Sexual Predation
Viciousness abound
That was Doomtown
The ruthless run amok
Eat sleep and fuck
Tragically renowned
Call it Doomtown

The son of Abram pleaded for the chance to present
The advocates of probity the few with good intent
Two angels came to gather up the servants of the lord
But the lascivious would confront them with sever discord

The moral astray
Raping night and day
The foulest place around
Fucking Doomtown
Mercy compassion
An amicable fashion
Nowhere to be found
Not in Doomtown

The profaners sought to know them a preposterous demand
When the righteous one did not oblige the wicked forced their hand
Suddenly the obstruders by blindness were subdued
And his fellowship was told to flee or they would perish too

Perverse unlawful
So vulgar and awful
The filthy wore the crown
Back in Doomtown
City of seduction
Destine for destruction
Its fate was handed down
No more Doomtown

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