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Angelic Dread

This song is by Nunslaughter and appears on the album Angelic Dread (2014).

You try with words, from grace I fell
Violent Past, is all I see
So many acts, I've gone to hell
I'm only human, Cannot Change

Let the skies bleed with Angelic Dread

Agony and suffering
Misery and persecution
Contemptible and fiendish
Anguish and crucifixion

I hate you all, scream and moan
You write in pain, I do the deed
When all is gone, I stand alone
There is no joy, I am strange.

Nasty and evil
Sinful and villainous
Amoral and profane
Abominable and vicious

Word of God is now dead
Fill the skies with Angelic Dread

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