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Welcome To Hill Valley

This song is by Nothink and appears on the album Spotlights (2007).

I'm not a religious man... How could I see you in the morning?
"Come.." Basically I'm not OK at all
Wake up, you are the leader... Tonight
Until the daylight comes again.
Suffocation is what I felt
Avoid what history has done
Say to yourself that you will get up!

Every single day the sun is turning out
The colours of the sky are falling all around
And they did it again.

Here we go: this is the last salvation
We are the soldiers of a new generation
Please wake up, it's so late...
Come with us: today is the day

That's the story of a man who had to meet death to find himself
Are you breathing, right? Visions on your eyes and everywhere
I will guide you home just for tonight

So many questions that I've been thinking for so long
Written on a paper, you cannot read them on your own
Mystery confessions about something I really know.

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