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We Live On

This song is by Nothink and appears on the album Hidden State (2010).

Feel the air. Can you tell what it smells like? It's so good to be home.
Let me stay. I never meant to make you cry, and if I did it was not my intention.
Because here's where I belong. I don't wanna go. Let's just get closer.
Hey, have you ever felt that way? If not you will 'cause we're the same.
Stars in the sky, we're are all connected.
Hey, I feel older day by day but she doesn't seem to care at all.
I'll find my own place is save for us now
Listen up, you better be awake.
You have to take me back to the golden fields.
There's no train, no road to guide you there, unless you start believing what I say.
Come by tonight, let's just get closer.

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