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Unite & Restart

This song is by Nothink and appears on the album Spotlights (2007).

Cool, the day seems fine.
I can't stand these lights,
I need to feel the sun.
Driving next to "Ars",
No I can see the stars
I could throw my thoughts so far...

Where it will let me free for once...
And check that I can talk.
And the years I've musted won't come back for me.

I won't scream but the sounds are growing up inside.
I could believe you America
But you're so distant...

To live this beautiful moments which have grown.
It's time to say hello to one of those ideas of happiness.

You should believe what seems alive...
The rising tide...
And the years you wait for will comeback too late.
Show me what I should do to take part.

It's my first time so please I'll be in the front to stay at your side...

To live this beautiful...(I' can't believe that you will give your hand).

Moments wich have grown...(It's my first time so please I'll be in the front)

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