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Once You Said

This song is by Nothink and appears on the album Hidden State (2010).

Someday you'll need to leave downtown.
Pack your strength. I'll be so proud.
There's no intention but it will be so hard.
We wont go anywhere my son.
Never forget here's where you belong,
I'd rather not have to say goodbye.
So let's pretend you're still around.
I can't believe how far we are when I turn my back.
No one will stop you.
So keep in mind the things I said...
You'll find her love, you'll know the pain.
'Cause that is just the way it is.
Don't even try to change a thing.
Life's one way, no return.
Lost in the middle of the Boulevard.
City of sin, fake love and big cars.
I'd never imagine that I'd find you here.
Surrounded by strangers

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