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Melting Sun

This song is by Nothink and appears on the album Hidden State (2010).

No place to go on, no place at all.
We were just made for fighting.
I still forget how thin is the line that separates sin from you and I.
I tend to hide myself behind, simply not taking the risk to try.
There's no need to say goodbye, look at the sky for answers.
I'm not saying that I'm not scared.
I saw you crying and that pushes me away.
This is my symphony about humanity.
I've seen the end and you were there...
There's no place to go, no place at all.
Wherever we go it's on fire.
I look around. What have we done? Is this what they call redemption?
Time has gone in a vertiginous way.
We use to dream about the end and now...
The time is here, are you ready now?
We need to keep our promises.
Our time has come, are you ready now?
Our time has come, are you ready now?
These promises are back.

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