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Hi And Bye

This song is by Nothink and appears on the album Contains My Nerves (2002).

It's the new day in which you trust
To be your day
To be surprised.
Going out for prizes
Taking all the answers.
All these dreams that you had are...
A piece of meat in a pool of sharks.
Learn to create your future
Smile will be the best cure.

Run again to save the time
Miss the train or miss the bus.
There's another time to take the next
And start to...
Count the lines that walk away
See my face and ask my name
Getting to each other
Try to do it over.

They always make me think
A lot of fantasies.
They are an important part of them when I switch off my brain.
I'd like to stay more time
Speaking with you in my mind,
But I must go away
My life can't wait
It's just out there.

...And now I'm thinking
Just about the things I see in you for a while.
I'm waiting for you
Take me there to see the thoughts you have for me.
It could be a problem to take the train
And take your atention it's the same.
My senses are broken in this game...
It only wants to play again.

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