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Adrenaline 500 Mg

This song is by Nothink and appears on the album Bipolar Age (2005).

It Runs on me
While an abyss shows his claws in front of me.
Signs way back say who I am.There's Space for you,
Just look inside.
The conversation means it's fine.
Getting it closer is what I beg.
Flowing like sperm looks for
Chances to meet the sun,
It's filled it up.
Falling inside your eyes,
Jewells that keep it alive.
It's filled it up.

You fly so high.
You reach the sky.

The clouds seem down

Over and over the sky
Explosions inside.
It's filled it up

It's coming
It's what I desire.
Waiting for something,
Something expected as life.

It's written now
And I don't know how is done

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