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Mic Tester

This song is by Northern State and appears on the album Can I Keep This Pen? (2007).

Mic Tester

I'm a microphone tester, smoked out and broke out
In the back of a van with sprout and hesta
I light up like a lighter, you're a bedroom writer
And I'm out of breath cause now I rock my jeans a little tighter
Yo- forget what you know I'm dropping sweat on the front row
This ain't the simple life- but it's the only life I know
Sleeping like you got jet lag- and now you're breathing in a paper bag-
What the hell, I wish you well, I wish you luck, so what the fuck?
I heard your mom drives an ice cream truck.
You'll never touch what we got-
Three hots and a cot and a snare that claps on the track
And me and sprout and hesta prynn go way back.

I'm a microphone genius, how can I explain, what goes on in my brain
You won't believe till you've seen this, I mean this
And every time I walk by, all the people on the avenue like, "Why so fly?"
And if you got a sweat-suit and you're dripping with diamonds,
Tell me are you a rapper or a mom from long island?
MTV much to my chagrin, is about as exciting as an ottoman.
I'll always call you out just like I always did before
I don't give a fuck we ain't on Sony anymore
I run with spero and sprout and I don't give a damn
I'm Hesta Prynn, "Don't you know who I am?"
I'm the right girl. For tonight girl. I'm the right girl and
I don't give a fuck that I rap like a white girl.

I'm a microphone master, you're quick, but I'm a faster MC
I'm the master of ceremony
It's just mic and me like we were meant to be
Happily every after in matrimony
When I'm up on stage I command the crowd
Check 1,2,3 turn my mic up loud
We bring our own mics
We don't need the stands
You can't see the wires
The mics in our hands
Mic test, mic tech, but you're no mic tester-
Try to juggle this fire- you microphone jester
Think you're the best but you know we're the bester
Gonna head out west with spero and hesta
Use the microphone like a judge with a gavel
Always rock the party wherever we travel
Everywhere I go I bring the mic I own
'Cause I'm the master tester on the microphone.

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