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Fall Apart

This song is by Northern State and appears on the album Can I Keep This Pen? (2007).

Fall Apart

You don't have to fall apart (x4)

Underneath my skin I see the veins that carry blood around this maze
The sunlight through the branches you said I could take my chances
On the train it's like we're all the same we hide beneath the earth from rain
The wind the fire and the dust is closing in on all of us
I take your hand to cross the street we're getting tired from the heat
The plan for us is obsolete our files ready to delete
The energy and entropy we fall apart
I drive you home to Brooklyn with a blindfold 'cause I know the way by heart

Here we go
Down the road
For all we know
There's nowhere left to go

All you know
Let it go
For all we owe
There's nothing left to show

Time remains as time unchanged
Everyday is time exchanged
I remember where you've been
So hold tight in good time I will follow

Everything we own we bought somewhere along the side of the road
It's just a constant up and down the stairs to load and unload
Everything we think we want is rented bought or sold
We drag our feet around the universe expanding while we're getting old

You don't have to fall apart

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