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Man Of The Hour

This song is by Norah Jones and appears on the album The Fall (2009).

"It's him or me"
That's what he said
But I can't choose between a vegan
And a pot head
So I chose you
Because you're sweet
And you give me lots of lovin'
And you eat meat
And that's how you became
My only man of the hour

You never lie
And you don't cheat
And you don't have any baggage tied
To your four feet
Do I deserve
To be the one
Who will feed you breakfast, lunch, and dinner
And take you to the park at dawn
Will you really be
My only man of the hour

I know you'll never bring me flowers
But flowers, they will only die
And though we'll never take a shower together
I know you'll never make me cry

You never argue
You don't even talk
And I like the way you let me lead you
When we go outside and walk
Will you really be
My only man of the hour
My only man of the hour
My only man of the hour
Ruff !

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