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This song is by Noothgrush and appears on the album Erode the Person (1999).

Waste away, useless being.
Your frail life stripped of meaning.
Reach out, you grasp nothing.
Head down, you've been left out.
Rotting, you see their faces smiling.
Forced into hunger and desolate waste, away from the land of your ancestry.
Make way for cows and industry, no room for the weak or idle strays.
No means for survival or sustenance.
Robbed of your rights and dignity so better folks can have luxury.

They'll never know who truly paid.
One more life crushed by greed, born to suffer the plight of humanity.
Strain to find reasons to live as the world waits for your final breath.
What kind of human contributes to the suffering of their own kind?
Creatures of habit that can't survive their own apathy.

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