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Oil Removed

This song is by Noothgrush and appears on the album Erode the Person (1999).

Dependent upon rape to survive every day
But your victim is dead and she gave you life
Jones for the fuel, Oil Junkie
Killing for more, like a fiend
Stumble and fall, weak and sick
Tapped the vein once too often

Oil Removed
Human Failure

Human chose its fate. Efforts to escape
From the hell that we create
May prove to be too late
Crushed by the wheels of consumption
We choke on the air we breathe
Blind to the effects of our actions
We're made to believe that we had no choice

(Our civilization's unrelenting reliance on fossil fuels is widely understood as a path to global tragedy. As finite resources dwindle, the human recognized the folly of mass conumption)

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