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Erode the Person

This song is by Noothgrush and appears on the album Erode the Person (1999).

Born into a state of decay
The spirit, like soil, erodes.
Devoid of sustenance,
All life withers.

Infected from the beginning,
Bred of negativity.
Engrave my hate in bitter skin.
Drift into a comfortable abyss.

Embittered from years of this,
Time and time again.
My spirit has been soiled,
Maintained by perpetual hate.

Incapable of growth,
All seeds feed the disease.

I'll always be alone,
Like I've been since I was born.
A battered, weakened stray,
Embraced by my dejection.

Yield to grasp of self-worthlessness.
Yield to grasp of self-worthlessness.

(Each human becomes associated with its environment through a medium it calls the "self". The person that extends from the self to the outside world is nourished by the enrichment of itself, and grows stronger as the world draws it in. When the medium is not enriched, however, the growth is distorted, and is not drawn in. Each seed of rejection presents an opportunity for repair, but as each flaw in the self surfaces, the lack of enrichment becomes a contaminant itself. The seeds of the anti-self are buried deep in spiritual soul. As they sprout, the self in which they drow is broken down, ripped apart and rendered useless.)

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