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This song is by Noothgrush and appears on the album Erode the Person (1999).

Worthless, lifeless being
Beaten beneath strain
A life gone to waste
Struggling to exist
Born into ruin
Forced to find a way
Crushed by all the weight
Of a selfish world
Live to labor
Cope with humans'
Endless misery
Perish lonely
And know no one cared
Bleak existence
Fraught with anguish
Search for meaning
Finding nothing
But more suffering

Life on earth - the product
Of celestial forces
Far beyond the tiny grasp
Of human control
Billions of years
Infinite evolution
Human existence
Amounts to the smallest sliver
Just one more attempt
Our species is a dead end
In a process that aims
To achieve living perfection

Human's failure to grow
Beyond its selfish hate
Will lead to a stronger strain
Free from human greed
We will see the rise
Of altruism and compassion
On a scale never known to
Present day human beings
At that point what we know as
Human will be gone
And a superior
Species will thrive

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