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​Mirrors In The Moonlight

This song is by Noosa and appears on the EP Noosa (2012).

These waters filled with motion
They're moving every way
The currents getting stronger
We're gonna drown some day
If we don't
Settle down

500 words on paper
To tell you that I'm here
I'm never goin' nowhere
Until I hear you say I'm yours
But your heart is armed

Fear of love
Mirrors in the moonlight

You see yourself in every one who crosses your path
But I can't tell you enough
That's not who they are deep inside
Will you let it go

I'll wait for you as long as
It takes for you to see
It seems the devil's got a
Piece of your heart
And you can't see
That your beautiful

Fear of love

Mirrors in the moonlight
Let your guard down and let me in